Plumbing Materials

Plumbing materials

Plumbing materials in Armagh

Do you require plumbing materials for a kitchen or a bathroom? From washers to syphons, and from fittings to pipes, whatever you need for your plumbing project, R.J Hardware Supplies can provide you with all that you require.

ideal plumbing solutions

Find the ideal plumbing parts and components for every job

The best jobs are completed using the best plumbing materials. It doesn't matter whether you are carrying out a small repair job at home or providing a full-scale installation project for a customer, you can have the best results with our plumbing supplies.
Our extensive range of plumbing materials makes us a leading supplier of plumbing parts and has helped us to develop an enviable reputation in the trade. Experience the quality of our plumbing supplies for yourself. Feel free to call for more details.
plumbing materials

Need the tool for the job? We've got you covered

If you are carrying out a plumbing job, depending on the nature of the work, you may need some power tools to make life easier. In fact, it doesn't have to be a plumbing job; you could be working on a range of projects and still benefit hugely from our hardware.
Take a look at our other ranges of materials and supplies, such as our steel or roofing materials. For any assistance, contact us for friendly advice.
For a complete range of plumbing parts in Armagh, call R.J Hardware Supplies today on 028 3753 1217
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