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Power tool supplies in Armagh

R.J Hardware Supplies offer a wide range of high quality power tools at affordable prices. From drills and saws to screw guns and sanders, we have it all.

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Make building jobs easier with our high quality power tools

No matter what job you are doing, the right tools will make the work infinitely easier - especially when it comes to power tools. Effortlessly carry out work that you might otherwise have struggled with for an age.
With the wide a varied selection of high quality power tools on offer, you will surely find the perfect tools for the job. Considering how useful and practical our power tools are, they will certainly work out to be a great investment.
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Discover the quality of our cost-effective supplies

With the time and effort that you save, not to mention the enhanced quality, you will find incredibly cost-effective supplies when you come to us for all your building hardware needs.
Our aim to provide you with cost-effective and desirable building supplies means you don't just enjoy great value with our power tools, but with our entire range, too. Contact us for more details.
Are you in need of quality power tools for your project? Call R.J Hardware Supplies in Armagh on 028 3753 1217
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